The creation of GILTY GIRL started with Alanna's obsession with makeup at an early age. Experimenting with her mothers lipstick was the start of a lifelong love for beauty. Alanna found cosmetics not just a tool to conceal, but a way to enhance ones unique beauty. 
She was fascinated with cosmetics, making it an extension of her passion for art. She knew she would make her mark somehow, someday in the world of beauty.

Her mother, Diane had passed on a great appreciation for makeup to Alanna. She was able to discern the different qualities of high end ingredients in earlier years. Dreaming of her beauty line of unique artistic colors, Alanna knew how she would claim her name in the beauty industry.

After losing her mother to a long battle of cancer in 2008, Alanna made a conscientious decision. She would not only honor her mother, but honor all who chose GILTY GIRL by using high quality and safe ingredients in her products. Because it is the ethical thing to do. Her mother had taught her many things, but most importantly beauty starts from the inside.