With Great Shoes Comes Great Responsibility

Alanna ValenzuelaComment

The Stiletto....a must have accessory.

Every fashion conscience woman should have at least one great pair. Love or loathe them, the stiletto is an iconic symbol. It can convey a sexy strong, and powerful woman. The stiletto style can alter the attitude of the woman. A chameleon-like accessory, the stiletto can change a woman from elegant, chic, dominant, and even influential. No matter what style, heel height, or label, the stiletto is and will always be enigmatically sexy

And with great shoes come great responsibility...

Luxe shoes compliment a gorgeous pedicure, but that is not the only benefit. Getting regular pedicures is a great way to maintain the overall health of your feet. A pretty pedicure has been known to help mental health. After a long stressful day, treating yourself to a salon or at home treatment is a quick and easy way to boost your mood. A beautiful nail treatment will help you de-stress, with a beautiful polished look lasting for weeks. Health and beauty all-lacquered up!