Potrero Hill 25th annual Festival

Alanna Valenzuela2 Comments

It was such a beautiful warm day in the Potrero Neighborhood for the festival. The sun was shining, and not a cloud in the sky. What a lucky day for this event! 

Thousands of local San Franciscans made there way to this fun filled event featuring local foods, live music, and amazingly talented local crafters. The vent was bustling with positive vibes and good people. This event was a great fall festival themed day for families and kids of all ages, yet had something of interest for everyone. I was so fortunate to share a booth side by side with a very interesting vendor group that featured honey from local bees. They explained to me the honey was literally from a local garden down the street. It was so fascinating to hear this and the complexity of caring for the bee hives. 

With Halloween around the corner many patrons where clad in costumes for the season, even their adorable dogs too! 

I really enjoyed the amazing feedback from all the women who visited and shopped the Gilty Girl booth. The best part for myself after creating the polishes is to see the reaction of people to the collection itself.

More than anything I love to interact one on one and hear their opinions, but most importantly, hear the amazing suggestions for future colors. I would like to thank all who helped out and supported not only Gilty Girl at this event, but all the vendors for 2014 Potrero Hill Festival!