September Launch

Gilty Girl LaunchAlanna ValenzuelaComment
Pretty 24kt nail polish for amazing wedding gifts !

Pretty 24kt nail polish for amazing wedding gifts !

This has been an amazing launch for our collection GILTY GIRL. We established our beautiful at home studio that continues to expand with equipment and pretty imagery on our inspiration boards. It helps keep us focused towards our bigger goals for GILTY GIRL.

"If you don't build your dreams someone will hire you to build theirs"

                -Tony Gaskins

 So I have become the entrepreneur I have always felt I was inside trading my 9 to 5 to follow my dreams and passion. It was a matter of dressing down, rolling up my sleeves and taking on the world. Following my dreams has transformed my life! 

There are too many people to thank for encouraging our dreams of this collection. We are so happy to have launched our online store for our indie fans and followers! Creating beautiful products for you is my passion!