The Sweetest thing...

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Have you ever had one of those bazaar occurrences when the universe reads your mind and delivers? Well, apparently the universe today read me like a book and knew Alanna needed a little chocolate fix. And the universe delivered, literally.

I received the yummiest of all chocolates by GUDRUN. These fine Belgiun delights where given to me by the beautiful Lifestyle Siren. She not only has fabulous taste in fashion, decor, makeup/polish, but she is so amazing and sweet! She is living proof that beauty is more than skin deep. Her blog on is a window into her own beautiful style and beautiful personality! Thank you for such a delightful "sweet" surprise! 

Potrero Hill 25th annual Festival

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It was such a beautiful warm day in the Potrero Neighborhood for the festival. The sun was shining, and not a cloud in the sky. What a lucky day for this event! 

Thousands of local San Franciscans made there way to this fun filled event featuring local foods, live music, and amazingly talented local crafters. The vent was bustling with positive vibes and good people. This event was a great fall festival themed day for families and kids of all ages, yet had something of interest for everyone. I was so fortunate to share a booth side by side with a very interesting vendor group that featured honey from local bees. They explained to me the honey was literally from a local garden down the street. It was so fascinating to hear this and the complexity of caring for the bee hives. 

With Halloween around the corner many patrons where clad in costumes for the season, even their adorable dogs too! 

I really enjoyed the amazing feedback from all the women who visited and shopped the Gilty Girl booth. The best part for myself after creating the polishes is to see the reaction of people to the collection itself.

More than anything I love to interact one on one and hear their opinions, but most importantly, hear the amazing suggestions for future colors. I would like to thank all who helped out and supported not only Gilty Girl at this event, but all the vendors for 2014 Potrero Hill Festival! 

With Great Shoes Comes Great Responsibility

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The Stiletto....a must have accessory.

Every fashion conscience woman should have at least one great pair. Love or loathe them, the stiletto is an iconic symbol. It can convey a sexy strong, and powerful woman. The stiletto style can alter the attitude of the woman. A chameleon-like accessory, the stiletto can change a woman from elegant, chic, dominant, and even influential. No matter what style, heel height, or label, the stiletto is and will always be enigmatically sexy

And with great shoes come great responsibility...

Luxe shoes compliment a gorgeous pedicure, but that is not the only benefit. Getting regular pedicures is a great way to maintain the overall health of your feet. A pretty pedicure has been known to help mental health. After a long stressful day, treating yourself to a salon or at home treatment is a quick and easy way to boost your mood. A beautiful nail treatment will help you de-stress, with a beautiful polished look lasting for weeks. Health and beauty all-lacquered up!


Dolce Gabbana Nail Tutorial!

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I fell in love with the Dolce Gabbanas runway collection "roses and cherubs". The collection was so richly boroque, featuring detailed gold embroidery, delicate laced dresses, and rich velvets. Its stunning details created a mood of romantic decadence. I could just live in these clothes everyday! I would literally  go to the  grocery store in this couture. 

Straight off the catwalk I took this look as my inspiration for my first nail tutorial. I wanted to create a design that was more of an impressionist technique that could easily be adopted by any skill set. With less strict detailing in the nail design one could re-create this look easily and have more fun applying it. 

I used several colors from the GILTY GIRL COLLECTION, including ENIGMA, ENTREPRENEUR, VOLATILE , PARAGON, and DRYAD. I used tiny art brushes in various sizes to create tiny strokes. These brushes can be found easily at any craft store such as Micheal's.

I wanted to also note that although it did not show up in the video, DRYAD ( a beautiful lush green)  is accented with glitter and 24kt gold flake and powder. The effect was just beautiful for this botanical design! 

September Launch

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Pretty 24kt nail polish for amazing wedding gifts !

Pretty 24kt nail polish for amazing wedding gifts !

This has been an amazing launch for our collection GILTY GIRL. We established our beautiful at home studio that continues to expand with equipment and pretty imagery on our inspiration boards. It helps keep us focused towards our bigger goals for GILTY GIRL.

"If you don't build your dreams someone will hire you to build theirs"

                -Tony Gaskins

 So I have become the entrepreneur I have always felt I was inside trading my 9 to 5 to follow my dreams and passion. It was a matter of dressing down, rolling up my sleeves and taking on the world. Following my dreams has transformed my life! 

There are too many people to thank for encouraging our dreams of this collection. We are so happy to have launched our online store for our indie fans and followers! Creating beautiful products for you is my passion!